Ohcul goes live with Hidden Application Tool


Ohcul jobs has now gone live with its Hidden Application Tracking tool. But what is it?

March 2019 Ohcul has rolled out the first phase if its hidden application tracking tool.

Ohcul promotes diversity in the workplace through reducing bias in the recruitment process. Studies show names from different ethnicities can lead to different outcomes in the CV review process.

Ohcul Jobs have now implemented its hidden application tracking tool. Once a candidate applies for a role on Ohcul jobs, the tool will review the CV, removing the candidates name, email and social media profiles*. This will allow the CV reviewer to make an unbiased decision on if the candidates profile is correct for the role.

If the candidate is successful in reaching the next stage, the name and contact details are available in a second file attached to the application. 

Contact info@ohcul.com if you would like Hidden Applications to be added to your profile 


*Correct for 90% of CVs