New award Scheme to tackle prejudice in Scottish classrooms


A nationwide scheme has been launched to help stamp out prejudice and discrimination in Scotland’s schools.

At Ohcul we look to reduce discrimination in the workplace by reducing name bias in the recruitment process. 

The below extract from outlines details of a fantastic initiative to educate children 

A new award to recognise efforts of schools in promoting inclusion and diversity has been developed by young people, supported by Action for Children.

The Inclusion and Diversity Charter Mark will be piloted in Edinburgh before being rolled out across the country.

The mark will help schools examine policy, practice and legal obligations on equality for all young people and the charity has created equality indicators for schools so they can mark progress towards recognition.

Pupils will be encouraged to share experiences with each other and help teach the next generation of youngsters to reject prejudice and discrimination.

Labour’s Anas Sarwar, chairman of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia, attended the launch at Broughton High School in Edinburgh.

The MSP said: “Everyday racism can be found in our classrooms and playgrounds across the country, and too many young people in Scotland face bullying and discrimination.

“Teachers play a vital role in changing this culture, but the best lessons for children often come from fellow children, building confidence and better understanding.

“This Charter Mark focuses on pupil-led education and the real-life experiences of pupils, providing support to the next generation so that together we can build a Scotland free of prejudice and discrimination.”