How to become a less bias version of yourelf


Completely eradicating bias is impossible, however there are some practical steps you can take to reduce certain behaviours

Here at Ohcul jobs, we promote diversity and equality in the work place. We look to do this by reducing bias in the CV selection process. 

In an article posted on the Fast company website, it outlines some practical steps that you can take to reduce your Bias. 

These include,

Embrace Cognitive Diversity  - Try watching a program you dislike, or try eating a food from a culture you have never tried before. One of the most consistent findings in social psychology is simply being exposed to people and cultures that are different makes us more open minded and tolerant

Cultivate your empathy - Empathy is the ability and willingness to take other peoples perspectives and understand that they are thinking. Start to justify what people are thinking and their motives, and consider why they are less lucky or successful than you. This simple exercise will create a habit for more empathetic feeling

Make you bias explicit - Understand your Bias and act on it. Take the implicit Bias test on this website, understand what your bias is and incorporate into any decisions you make.

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