Helping Women Be The Future Stars


Helping women be the future stars of technology....

Ohcul has discovered an article by Information Age expressing the importance of welcoming more women in the tech industry.

This is an excerpt from their magazine:

However, great steps have begun to address this imbalance. Just last month, the Tech Talent Charter – a commitment by organisations to deliver greater diversity in the tech workforce – reached a milestone of 200 signatories. This is a great achievement, but with women holding just 16% of IT jobs in the UK and making up less than 10% of tech CEOs, there is still much more to be done.

This is why initiatives, like the Future Stars of Tech, are so important. By identifying and celebrating our industry’s female talent, we will encourage young people to follow in their footsteps and become part of a workforce that will be unmatched in its diversity, innovation, creativity and strategic thinking.

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