Forbes magazine on Diversity


Forbes magazine has published some advice on how to increase diversity in the workplace 

Forbes online platform recently published an article in relation to the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


One of they key recommendations is to re-examine the recruitment processes.

Included in this is to check unconscious bias when reviewing applications. Seeing names on resumes can play an unintentional role in shaping perceptions on how qualified a candidate is. Ohcul jobs can help with this by using our hidden application system.


In addition to the above recommendation on recruitment, its recommended to remove gendered language from the job profile. There are a number of online resources that can help with this, and through rewriting the profile by removing gender loaded terms it could increase the diversity of your workforce pipeline.


Once a candidate gets to the interview stage, try and attend the interview with someone with someone who works differently to yourself. Attending an interview with someone who has a similar background and ideals could result hiring the candidate you get on with the most rather than the best one for the role.


At Ohcul jobs, we promote diversity within the workplace through removing the opportunity for people’s unconscious bias to reflect in the recruitment process.

Employee diversity provides a number of benefits to any organisation (large and small). Ethnically diverse companies perform 35% better than their industry median and gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to haver returns above the industry median. With the national customer base becoming more diverse, it is important that a company is representative to fully understand its clients’ needs and, according to the latest research, 67% of employees cite a diverse workforce is a key factor when looking at a role.

At Ohcul, we remove the opportunity for hidden bias from a CV review stage. Our unique tool removes identifying data from a clients CV allowing a recruiter to progress the best candidates.

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