Diversity & Inclusion and Multicultural advertising


The differences between Diversity & Inclusion and Multicultural advertising

Diversity & Inclusion and Multicultural Advertising

As the benefits of Diversity and inclusion continue to be published and proven. More and more companies are taking note and making changes to their companies’ culture and recruitment processes to take advantage.

However, some companies are getting a D&I agenda mixed up with multicultural marketing.  This is being done through having the two different programs compete for the same funding pot, or even worse, one being completely replaced by the other.

All companies, large all small should have a strong D&I strategy. A company look and culture should reflect that of wider society. To hire the best talent, be more profitable and more productive, studies show having a diverse workforce is the best way to achieve these goals.

Diversity & Inclusivity Strategy

A D&I strategy is internal, and forms the foundation to other strategies. From having a diverse team, who reflect society and your customer base, an impactful multicultural marketing strategy can be built.

As in a recent interview in Forbes, Gonzalo del Fa (chairman of the board of culture and Marketing council) said “Some marketers believe that having a D&I corporate program can replace having a multicultural marketing strategy. Unfortunately, that is not true. D&I is an internal effort that a corporation commits to encouraging a work environment that inspires diversity of representation and thought, promotes and celebrates inclusivity, and provides equitable opportunities to all.

“Multicultural Marketing is an external effort for a corporation to promote and sell products or services, including market research and advertising to one or more audiences of a specific ethnic background.

“We have proof that D&I is a source of tremendous benefit for organizations because differences in background, experiences, and thinking lead to increased innovation and insight. However, those innovations and insights need to be communicated to multicultural consumers in a relevant and authentic way, and that is only possible by having a proper multicultural marketing strategy.

“A D&I program is always welcome for a corporation to create an inclusive working environment, but a multicultural strategy is imperative for a business to grow.”

Diversity Within the Workplace

At Ohcul jobs, we promote diversity within the workplace through removing the opportunity for people’s unconscious bias to reflect in the recruitment process.

Employee diversity provides a number of benefits to any organisation (large and small). Ethnically diverse companies perform 35% better than their industry median and gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to haver returns above the industry median. With the national customer base becoming more diverse, it is important that a company is representative to fully understand its clients’ needs and, according to the latest research, 67% of employees cite a diverse workforce is a key factor when looking at a role.

At Ohcul, we remove the opportunity for hidden bias from a CV review stage. Our unique tool removes identifying data from a clients CV allowing a recruiter to progress the best candidates.

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