Companies Ditching CVs


Companies ditching CVs to find new ways of finding diverse talent...

Ohcul have discovered that companies are ditching CVs in favour of discovering new talent, according to Marketing Week.

This is an excerpt from their magazine this week:

Companies like Unilever and Goldman Sachs are tapping into the power of AI to match graduates to roles within their businesses. Applicants are asked to film their answers to questions that pop up on their computer screen. The videos are then scanned by algorithms, which analyse the words used, how confidently the sentiment is expressed and how concisely the argument is presented.

Unilever also uses tech to match applicants to the right job. So, rather than applying for a particular role, graduates are matched by the AI system to the best role for them.

Meanwhile, First Direct has taken the experience offline by hosting speed dating ‘cocktails and careers’ evenings at a bar in Leeds (where its head office is based) to help the recruitment team discover more about candidates’ personalities.

Over a welcome cocktail the First Direct team explain more about the company and the various roles on offer, before embarking on a speed dating session, which gives candidates the chance to chat to the managers. Afterwards the team invites the potential recruits to get involved in a cocktail making demonstration. It’s a strategy that has seen First Direct make several hires.

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